Customer Returns

We understand that sometimes you may not be 100% happy with your purchase, in such circumstances you can return your jewellery or giftware for a partial or full refund, see below.

Standard Stock Products

Products that are not personalised or customised in any way, can be returned to us by prior arrangement, we will not refund any postage costs associated with the original purchase, and will only refund the actually product price, for example:

Product Price £44.99, Postage £3.00, we would only refund £44.99, as the postage cost was a cost we incurred payable to a third party to deliver the item.

In the same respect any item that was purchased with a free post option, we will deduct £3 from the refund to cover the cost of outbound postage, for example:

Product Price £109.99 Postage Free, we would refund £106.99, upon return of the item.

You are also responsible for ensuring safe delivery of any item back to ourselves via a signed for service, we will not refund any postage or courier charges associated with returning an item back to ourselves.

Personalised Items

Products that have been personalised, or altered in any way to your specification, this includes resizing, removal of original features, or addition of extra features will not be considered for refund under any circumstances, if upon receiving the item a fault is present with the item we will ONLY replace or repair the item, however we will refund your return postage back to ourselves for the repair or replacement, the return must be made by Royal Mail 1st Class Signed For Delivery (NOT special delivery or courier unless requested by ourselves). If for some reason we are unable to repair or replace the item, an alternative may be offered, and if the alternative is NOT suitable, only at this time will we offer a full refund.

The only alternative to the above statement is when we may offer to buy the product back from you in the form of a partial refund for the spot price of the metal on the day, this will be worked out by calculating the weight of the product in grams, and multiplying this against the spot price of the particular metal, for example:

24.2 grams of 925 sterling silver

(37p x 0.925) x 24.2 = £8.28 (calculation based on 20/05/2014 price).

Return Fraud

Although very rare return fraud is something that is becoming more and more apparent, this is where a customer purposely damages an item in order to ensure return of the product, without incurring any costs, each item we send is checked and double checked before leaving our premises, and if for any reason we believe that return fraud has been committed we will pursue this matter through legal channels and the police, and this will become a criminal damage matter, and if taken to court you may incur court costs, legal fees, and may get a criminal record.

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